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Say yes to a tram for Clifton, Wilford and Compton Acres!

This is the website of the CW YES! group...

...a voluntary and independent group set up to give support for, and provide information on, the Clifton-Wilford (CW) tram route. This is the route the City and County Councils wish to develop between Clifton and Nottingham, along with the Beeston-Chilwell route, both together called Phase II.

Line One opened in March 2004. In October 2006 the Government agreed to pay its share of funding the proposed Beeston-Chilwell and CW routes. It is expected the tramlines will open at the start of 2013.

Traffic on Line One reached 8 million journeys at the end of its first year, and is projected to rise to nearly 11 million by March 2007.

This website has not been sponsored or financed by the tram operator, Nottingham Express Transit (NET), in any way. Nor does this website accept blindly everything the NET proposes. The Editor expresses his opinion where he considers this appropriate.

The CW tram will provide:

The trams will be positive and useful for the people of Clifton, Wilford and Compton Acres - an asset of which we can be proud in years to come.

A Nottingham tram at Wilkinson Street tram stop, just before the start of public services in March 2004.

People in many European cities appreciate their tram systems. Trams reduce congestion and air pollution, are very safe in use, can carry huge numbers of people, will take wheelchairs and buggies, and have a punctual, reliable, modern and bright image.

The Nottingham trams will have cross-city services, calling at the extended future Broad Marsh Centre and redeveloped Nottingham railway station.

The main issues

The City and County Councils considered two tram route options from Nottingham to Clifton, being Clifton-Wilford (CW) and Clifton-Queens Drive (CQD). The CW route scored positive under cost-benefit analysis, and thus qualifies for government grant. CQD, however, was rejected in April-May 2002 as less satisfactory. click here to find out why.

In November 2002 A debate between CW YES! and Environment Not Trams was published in the West Bridgford Neighbourhood News supplement to the Nottingham Evening Post. click here to see the main issues covered by the groups.

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